Thursday, December 3, 2009

In an Moment

Lately I've been working at a coffee shop. After work I walk around the city and look in brightly lit windows of cozy little shops. The other day I strolled past a bridal boutique and found the dresses in the window stunningly lovely. So, I just had to stop and take a picture.

Last night I watched, The Ice Storm. I, sadly, had never heard of it before. It is challenging to begin to find appropriate words to describe my reaction. Although it was set in the 1970's many characters were so familiar, from my own adolescence, that the movie was even more poignant and incredible than it already is. The Ice Storm has a way of traveling boldly into the fragility of many worlds. Yet, as one critic put it, it is also very "elegant." While, there are some scenes that, honestly, I would be unlikely to ever watch again because they just hit too many raw nerves, it is one truly amazing work of art.

My mother and I decorated our Christmas tree last night. We also put decorations around the house and it now feels a great deal like one of those seasonal stores... the ones with the warm lights, ornaments, antiques and the faint smell of warm spices in the air. It is very nice. I find this time of year comforting. Actually, I think there is something comforting about Christmas in general. My mother says that Christmas feels like a wise and benevolent parent who, despite their many years, never dies. She may be right...
Below is one of my favorite lines from The Ice Storm. It is, however, just one of the film's many profound treasures.

"When you think about it, it's not easy to keep from just wandering out of life. It's like someone's always leaving the door open to the next world, and if you aren't paying attention you could just walk through it, and then you've died. That's why in your dreams it's like you're standing in that doorway... and the dying people and the newborn people pass by you... and brush up against you as they come in and out of the world during the night. You get spun around,and in the morning... it takes a while to find your way back into the world."

The Ice Storm

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