Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Top It Off

Well, today I have a cold. Hopefully it's not H1N1.... :)

I bought a brown wool hat the other day. My purchase was inspired by a picture I found in a Vogue from the 1950's and a red wool hat I already own.

More recently I wandered around the city to find a shoe repair shop. After asking a charming barber for help I finally made my way to a shop owned by a sweet older man named Jerry. Jerry did wonders with my boots. They were a mess and now they look as good as new and he only charged $15.00

It's been cold here in general. I'm not ready for the cold. But it's inevitable of course. At least I can wear my new hat...

I couldn't find a theater near me playing An Education... Although I did watch Mad Men... of course. And it was fabulous... again... of course.

I met a charming young man the other day... :) To my surprise he was a few years younger than me and yet seemed about as level-headed as many of the guys my age... Maybe even more mature than a lot of them. I don't know what to think of it... For some reason I've always had the idea that I would end up with a guy older than me... moreover in the past I've almost always dated the oldest son in the family.... The fellow I just met is the youngest of three boys... I doubt anything will come of it. However, it has opened my eyes to what might really work best with my personality. Sometimes I think it really is true that a person must fail and try again and again to really get something right... At least in romance?


secondskins said...

hope you're feeling better! :) i'm loving that hat!

- jen

Muirin said...


Thanks for the wishes! I'm glad you like the hat.

As of about a week ago I am finally feeling better. :)