Friday, October 9, 2009

Above It All

I took a walk to the library wearing three and a half inch heels... I made it there without much trouble... but I couldn't make it back. So I had to call a friend who lives near the library to come bring me a pair of shoes. Ridiculous. I know. But I could not go without shoes and I certainly wasn't going to wear my heels for another second. My feet would probably have just detached themselves from my legs and ran far, far away...

However, for the short time I wore heels (something I never do) my life was altered. I was likely at at least 5 ft. 11 inches when I was wearing those heels.... which was MARVELOUS! It was such an uncanny feeling for me to be the same height ,or nearly the same, as many of the men I passed and taller than many of the women because there was a odd sensation of privacy that I wasn't expecting... And yet it didn't feel awkward. I felt sleek, lady-like and serene, in fact. It was lovely. I am going to wear heels again as soon as my feet recover and I can take off the bandages... :)

This week I plan to see the movie An Education and watch my weekly dose of Mad Men. Lately I've been enthralled by the series.

(ps I am also very excited about the recycled wool coat that I just purchased, as pictured below.)

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