Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fashionably Noxious

This week seems, so far, to be best summarized in the words of Brad from this week's episode of "The Rachel Zoe Project." When Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, found herself feeling very ill and at the point of throwing up Brad, with great wit, declared, "'re like fashionably noxious..."

I feel in the middle this week. It doesn't feel like fall yet but, as of yesterday, it officially is. I haven't found a job, but I'm in the middle of looking, applying and taking interviews. And the news, when not horrific, is at best unnerving. So I watch "The Daily Show" as an antidote and occasionally "The Andy Griffith Show."
So much feels like it's up in the air. In my personal life, even though I plan to go to Wales next fall there are still no guarantees and a part of me feels pressure to cave in and do something extraordinarily "practical" instead of going overseas to study... But then I stop to think about what I want my life to be and I realize I can't let go of my dreams. Even if they seem drawn out and pale due to stress and the cloud that is temporarily hanging over many matters right now... Because letting go of the future and allowing one's situation to overcome truth and hope never pans out in the end... no matter how convincing and perversely "practical" doubt may seem.

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