Friday, September 11, 2009

Last night my mother and I decided, yet again, to go for a walk. However this time we also ate at a nice little restaurant nearby. I ordered a piece of chocolate layer cake and coffee. It was pleasant, but really eating fruits and vegetables straight from the garden is my preferred treat. Silly sounding I suppose, but it's true. I have never been a big fan of chocolate. I know, it's odd or perhaps even blasphemy to some people... but I really do love my freshly picked tomatoes, cucumbers, chives, lettuce and a nice vinaigrette.

Then we walked past a little bridal boutique that always features one particularly lovely dress in the window. I'm not sure who the designer is... but I LOVE it. The fabric is soft and luxurious but also light and airy. It's serious and elegant and yet modern and fun. Yay! I loved it...
A pair of light blue eyeglasses from the 1950's arrived in the mail yesterday at my mother's. Apparently my aunt and another family member were exploring my great grandparent's place when they ran across them. They thought the glasses had once belonged to my mother so they sent them to her. I couldn't resist trying them on.. :)

~On another note, I have to say, I truly enjoyed President Obama's speech the other night. If you are interested, for any reason, here's a link to the bill:


Simes. said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by.

beckyxoxo said...

great photos and seems you had fun :D

Muirin said...

Thank you for your comments. :) It was fun.