Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Day

Today was an odd day. Due to many highly emotional conversations and dealings with the world lately I woke up today already a bit on the tired side or at least with a heavy heart. In time I am sure I will feel much better about everything.

I listened to President Obama's speech today. Of course it was brilliant as usual, however this time I cried. He seemed so fatherly and kind. I also felt a bit guilty when I started to personalize his message and contemplate my own contribution... I'm sure there were others in the audience who were experiencing the same emotions.

Because of my need for a small break from self-reflection I then I flipped the tube and watched reruns of the Rachel Zoe Project. Poor Brad. He is so lovable and yet seems to find himself in hot water so often and I don't think the show would be half as entertaining without him. I am such a Brad fan. By the way, lately I have become an ardent viewer of EastEnders... There is just something about that show. It's like therapy, entertainment and just pure wonderful in half hour pieces.

After watching Rachel Zoe I then I washed dishes and doubled-checked my email account to see if I had any job offers. I didn't. So I cleaned out my purse.

And now I am sitting here wondering how one actually implements the grand, patriotic and inspiring arguments of Obama's speech if you aren't still in school. I will be next fall... Perhaps one just takes more responsibility for everyday life details? Prays... And perhaps one reads more and better... and tries harder to actually grasp something sane and truthful from this ridiculously complicated, beautiful and overwhelming world.

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