Friday, November 27, 2009

Kate & Kate

My mother and I are visiting her family for Thanksgiving. As of this moment, I am sitting in the family room watching as people interact and enjoy each other's company. My mom and her cousin just returned from a long winter walk. It wasn't meant to be long, but they got lost...

My uncle and aunt's Golden Retriever is meandering around all of us. He may be waiting for left-over turkey or some other random scrap of food to fall to the floor. He loves to eat anything and everything, including chap stick and various bars of soap. So, my mother and I have had to take precautions.
Tonight my uncle will likely be cooking a batch of scallops. He bought them to celebrate my birthday, which was last week. My mother suggested them. Too bad I don't really like them... ha ha. Oh, goodness. So often my mom thinks she knows my tastes and finds herself mistaken. But, it really just ends up being very endearing because her misunderstandings are not for lack of trying. We just haven't lived together for so long and we are still reacquainting ourselves, even after several months of being in each other's company.

It has been a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday so far though. And it's a nice turn of events. After becoming sick with H1N1 about a month back I had a rather gloomy start of the fall.

Today my mind has been wandering to the likes of two of my favorite fashion icons- Kate Winslet and Kate Moss. Kate & Kate. So I decided a photo of both of them would seem fitting.
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