Friday, June 19, 2009

It Never Rained Last Night

For approximately eight hours yesterday my location was under a tornado watch. It never rained and barely blowed the entire night. I find that funny.

Of course I am glad I didn't get swept away in a wild gust like Judy Garland but it would have been nice if it had rained... The clouds were so big and pretty. Apparently they were just eye-candy. But, I am sure in future it will rain again... as it has been for days now. And I like it.

However, today is muggy.
Oh and last night I did something... necessary but destructive. I cut my own hair. It no longer has a cohesive shape. At all. But at least the ends are not brittle and frayed. My plan is to wear it up in a neat little bun for the rest of the summer... And if this weather continues it will be perfect. Furthermore I plan to let it dry naturally, use only sulfate-free, dimethicone-free products and brush it only when necessary.... Hopefully my hair will appreciate this treatment and grow long and strong.

I'm planning for my trip to the UK this fall... I hope all will go well. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate reading them.
(me pre-hair chopping)

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