Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Glory

I've been going on a lot of walks with my mom around the neighborhood. Many of these pictures are from those walks, and a brief ride on a train around the city. The others are from before I cut my hair. In the photos of myself I am wearing a navy blue cardigan from J. Crew and and a jumpsuit from a Polish Woman I met at college.
I have since cut my hair pretty short. And I am adjusting to it. At least it's healthier.
Recently I've been watching a lot of Wimbledon, eating hot-dogs and analyzing old movies. My favorites this summer have been A Place in the Sun, and To Have and Have Not. There is nothing like Wimbledon, Elizabeth Taylor, hot-dogs (with plenty of mustard), Bogart and Bacall, and the warmth of a summer day. I mourn for Mr. Jackson's children. There is never a pleasant time to grieve a parent. And, of course, he was a talented artist and a troubled man...

So far this is shapping up to be a year I doubt many of us around the world will forget.

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