Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So we have just elected President Barack Obama. His speech last night was extraordinary. It was incredibly moving really. But for some reason I don't feel elated. I just feel hopeful.

In 2000 Americans thought George Bush was going to bring back "morality." He didn't.

In 1976 Americans thought the amazing man we had elected would be a good president. He wasn't.

I think Barack Obama is working against a lot shit. And I wish him safety, peace and happiness. But we can't expect this man to "save" us. Which is why his speech last night was so appropriate and really just incredibly responsible I think. I mean who am I to say, but it felt to me like the sort of words FDR would have said. There was this steel in his words... this mighty reserve that a great but also wise leader tends to have. While I don't think he is perfect, no one is, I do respect him. A lot.

But I don't worship him, despite what some critics of him and his supporters might suggest. So while I am glad and relieved that he won there was a damn good reason he did. We need him. Badly.

We need a leader who can see beyond the tip of his own nose.

I just hope we are mature, responsible and wise enough as a nation not to rest on our victory last night, which was a victory for AMERICA not just Democrats. Once again, I really believe we need him. Sure he is about change... but really... I think the reason he seems like a savior in some negative caricatures is because we need a savior of America right now. Our nation is a couple kilometers short of hell. We need a good leader. We need a strong leader.

But we also need to keep that leader accountable. We can't do that if we let ourselves be drugged and lulled by the demons of this nation's culture of collective denial.

No, just because we could lease the big car doesn't mean we should do it. No more keeping up with the Jones'. We need to own what we own. We need to earn what we buy. We need to be a nation that saves... and protects... and heals.

We do need the responsible individuals that Republicans so often discuss. And we do need the real "moral majority" to emerge... But what is morality and responsibility without the other virtues of agape love and kindness? And what is freedom without restraint, reason and mercy? What is liberty without the bedrock of discipline and a heart of fidelity?

So basically, we all won last night and let's not forget it.

To me, honestly, as much as I say this with sobriety... the funniest thing about last night (if last night could be seen as funny at all) was Fox News.

They all looked so incredibly grim. So terribly somber. It was like a kid who has a birthday party and two people show up... and those two people forget to bring presents... and then eat all his cake and ice cream while he sits ... and cries in the corner.

I felt an odd mixture of empathy, mirth, joy and... there were moments I just wanted to laugh. A lot. I mean... it was like a movie.

And SARAH PALIN! Oh my goodness that lady.. .... I thought she was going to either a. cry, b. throw a fit, c. punch someone out, or d. just yell at the top of her lungs.... I felt bad for her. It was not her night. And she did seem rather foolish. I mean... not that a beauty queen/hockey mom can't be an intellectual, strong leader but... she didn't come across that way in my book last night and we all know that she hasn't before last night either.. ... ... She is NOT a dummy though. I firmly believe that. ....

Ok. I only wrote this much because this is my blog and where else can I respectably rant? :)

But yeah.

PS the pictures are of me in a practice room on my cell... random, but there's something I like about it... and above is a commercial at a downtown bus stop in St. Paul, Minnesota (just two or three blocks from the Republican Convention) in the early morning hours. 666 is written on everyone's forehead and the words above it read, "Devil worshiping fiends (or was it freaks) are Fox Fans." Bill O'Reilly is the devil in their opinion.... wow...

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