Sunday, November 9, 2008


While last week was not pleasant it is officially over. At last.


I feel a lot better.

It's odd how the little things can make life so much sweeter.

For one, I have a plane ticket home for Thanksgiving. I started using a new shampoo and conditioner that really work well with my hair... Then I discovered three things, 1. The old Nancy Drew movies from the 1940's, 2. For national writing month I am finishing a novel and at 17,000 words I am on my way! and finally, 3. I think I FINALLY have some peace of mind on my future. I will either be in England or I will be working towards law school... In any case, I feel good. For once in a long while I actually feel really decent.

What's more, I actually have spare money in the bank. AND my skin has been behaving. I'm not sure if it's the L'Occitane or not... but I think it might be. I'm afraid it is because one bottle of the stuff I'm using costs $52.00! Ah...

Perhaps I can find some alternative.

But really I think it is my mother and her prayers... and maybe even Obama's victory that really have made me feel better.
Oh, and... I did have a good long talk with myself the other day. I realized that I am way too tough with myself. I need to learn to listen to all the parts of my nature at once... and find a way to bring them all together.... Too often I think we dismiss ourselves one way or another. In the long run I've paid the consequences for years of telling myself, "Be quiet. Not now!"

In the next week we are looking at weather in the 50's. So, in these last pleasant days of late fall I will be hoping for change... to make it's home and stay for a while.

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Laura said...

Are you free tonight? Can you come see Frank McCourt speak with me? I suddenly find myself with an extra ticket, and I would love it if you could accompany me!! Let me know, lady. Miss you and would love to see you.