Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Foggy Weather

It's been foggy at night lately.

I took a walk with my cell phone around campus and talked with my mother.

I feel infinitely better. Because I finally got a lot of things off my shoulders... And I feel a lot better... really...

Edgar hasn't called or contacted me since our mutual exchange of messages yesterday... and our discussion Monday night.

I feel oddly fine.

Somehow, and I don't know what it is exactly but I feel like it's all starting to make sense more and more... as time goes on.

Ghosts are such interesting phenomena. Who knows what they really are... In any case, there have been many ghosts in my life... and it feels as though they are finally coming out of the closets and walking through thin air... revealing themselves for my scrutiny at last... and I can dismiss them or make peace with them one by one...

And I feel better.

I ordered Marc Jacobs perfume from Sephora today... And L'Occitane facial lotion... two minor extravagances. And I am slightly excited about the prospects of a soft face and a cloud of Marc Jacobs Fragance floating around me...

Thank God for my mother.... I am looking forward to seeing her soon... The only hitch is that I have to fly out at 7:00 am... on Delta... which can be tricky... Delays... delays...

I'm ok.

Aside from leaving my favorite watch at Edgar's place... and accidentally still having his roomate's girlfriend's pair of shorts... (long story)... hum... all will be... workable..

Maybe if I drop off the shorts he'll suddenly realize he has feelings for me.... (weird hidden fetish for girls coming to his door to drop off borrowed items).... just kidding..]

(photo taken from William Joseph Gallery)

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