Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well... I am in love.. with a fragrance. Miss Dior Cherie! I LOVE it. It smells like... a bit of heaven to me.

I also have a fond spot in my heart for the new fragrance from Mariah Carey, Luscious Pink! I like that too...

Of course my Marc Jacobs is always a favorite. :)

I feel nostalgic and sad today. I can't exactly explain why either. I just do. I just do.

Maybe it's the perfume. There is something... of the past... in Miss Dior Cherie. Miss Dior was originally released in 1947 I think... But this... is so now.

I don't know. It smells like New York in the 1950's. (or what I imagine it would have smelled like) A bit of dreams... borrowed from the past.

ps I'm still missing that dumb watch. And I feel.... like something serious... is lurking.

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