Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A January Wedding

My second-cousin is getting married this Saturday. In order to prepare for the occasion my mother and I went shopping. Of course. :)

I found a black velvet jacket, to wear with a black silk dress I bought a while back and an heart-shaped pendant with clear rhinestones. Then we purchased several suits and dresses for my mother's cousin who doesn't like to shop. She is 5'9 and very fair with platinum blond hair so it was fun and yet a wonderful challenge to find the a pieces for her to try on. After all our shopping we had fries at a restaurant where the waitress made a smiley face with ketchup.

My mother still hasn't decided what to wear, and we are leaving tomorrow... So... time will be spent in the near future on that matter of importance.

Last night I had my hair highlighted. And after I got home I felt like throwing a hissy fit because it is sooo blond. I love blonde hair, but I've been trying to keep it as close to my natural color as possible and I wasn't expecting such a nearly dramatic change. Also, today I went out and bought new make-up because the faint red tones that were camouflaged by the light brown/dark blonde of my natural color decided to come out of hiding. But it's growing on me now. I might even like it... even really like it if I let myself. And I am also letting myself get excited about this weekend. :)


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Johnny Rockets for the fries?
A wedding sounds fun. My sister actually just got engaged...when I go to her wedding it will be the first wedding I've ever been to!
I definitely hope the highlights grow on you (not literally). You always look pretty and natural as a blonde.

Muirin said...

YES, Johnny Rockets!!! LOVE that place. :)

Your sister is engaged!!?!! How exciting.

And actually the highlights are totally growing on me. Seriously. Life as a blonde isn't so bad I guess. Thanks for the compliment.