Saturday, August 29, 2009

Calls Made to Friends (part I)

Last night I called my dearest friend and spoke with her for a long time. We made plans to visit each other and discussed what's going on in our lives. There's a project I am working on and she has agreed to help me. It's the sort of project that's hard to do while one is studying, so I think this is the most perfect time to do it.I also recently reread my older posts and I laughed... a lot. For some reason three themes have seemed to emerge over the last couple of months. Those themes are coffee, the length of my hair and Wales... What an odd combination of topics.

The other weekend I visited the neighborhood where my mother lived before she got married. In what used to be a kosher deli named Bernie's there is now a wonderful restaurant named Yum! It is very aptly named. We ordered a Reuben with a side of potato chips and split it as we meandered around the neighborhood. It was, of course, delicious. (I also took a photograph of a door in the restaurant because I thought the two spoons they used as decoration were delightfully quirky and yet also very pretty.)

Thursday night I sent a message on Facebook to my ex... The one I keep bringing up in many old postings. I was thinking that I didn't want to let what will likely be my last words to him be ones of anger and resentment... So I sent him a congratulatory message. I made it brief and to the point.

He did not respond and I expected that. The truth is I didn't want him to. I really have no desire to reconnect with him. There is no purpose to it. I care about him as a person, but do not desire anything more than what could be a friendship. Although, even that seems unlikely. But in any case I've been seeing lately, based on secondary sources, how much happier he is now than before they fell in love (with or without me). It's amazing how much difference one person can make in life.


Simes. said...

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Muirin said...

Thank you. I looked at your blog and it is fabulous... :) Thank you for the invitation.