Saturday, August 9, 2008

Public Resolutions

Well... I had a pleasant evening last night with friends. We went dancing and then, after returning from our "night on the town," we talked until 5:00am! In this discussion I discovered a few things about myself that were rather disturbing... HOWEVER the good news is that I think I may be able to do at least something about a few of them...

Indeed, at the outset of this blog I was doing some soul-searching in regard to my past relationship and romantic relationships in general. I think I need to do some self-assessing in other aspects... While I realize that I can't create the perfect life for myself I do think that there is nothing wrong with taking life by the horns, and making a few "structural renovations." In other words, I am going to make the equivalent of New Year's resolutions on this blog.

I thought about not posting them on the blog for various reasons but... I think I need a little extra encouragement and accountability to anyone who ventures to my blog... Not that I'm expecting or desiring to have anyone send me mean comments/etc if I don't keep up my goals... but... the thought that you (whoever you may be) will know that I either am succeeding or failing might drive me harder to take hold of the reigns... so to speak. I will update the blog on my progress.

So here goes...

1. Better nutrition

~I love Pop Tarts. I also love Diet Coke... and pizza... and ice-cream.... and coffee... However, those aren't the most beneficial choices. Furthermore, I think I might have a slight allergy to dairy and gluten. So... yeah. I need to take my vitamins, drink more water... eat less sugar... no dairy... more veggies... all that jazz. I hope that will translate into a clearer head and better skin.

2. SLEEP!!!

~I have developed a lot of bad habits in this area too. Naps are delightful, but they suck up so much time AND they make getting to bed early nearly impossible. I need to keep a regular schedule.

3. Keep better tabs on time

~This one is also essential. I feel like I waste a lot of time zoning out on the computer... playing games, shopping... etc.. the other day I played a computer game online involving the presidential candidates and paint ball... My candidate won! lol! (although that was after I played it many times... too many times maybe...) Anyway...

4. Set more long-term goals

~So I'm not that old, but I already feel like time is going by so fast. I don't want to wake up and be 50 and realize that I haven't finished the dreams I set out to accomplish when I was 12. Yeah... like law school... etc... At some point I need to go to Wimbledon. I've always wanted to do that. Basically, this one might be a bit of a "bucket list"... ... Finishing several books will be on my agenda.

Anyway... Those are a few of the goals I've set for myself. I will, of course, be breaking them down into everyday activities and all that. Like I said, I'll keep the blog updated with progress...

(Above picture is of Alethea Gibson, a championship tennis player-Wimbledon, 1957)

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