Sunday, August 17, 2008

Really Random Musing...

I took these pictures at the American Academy of Music in Philadelphia this spring. I was there to see an opera- Bellini's Norma. I didn't like the actual opera :) lol! Well, actually I really didn't... The friends I was with decided to have a "picnic" too... on the streets of Philadelphia... so... that was brilliant... (please note sarcasm!) Actually the minute I realized they intended to eat on the steps of some building where who knows what has happened... (seriously... I can imagine what has happened and the fact that a couple of pretentious college students decided have an alfresco dinner where some homeless person probably peed is... amazingly funny on lot of levels... ) I ran away and decided to buy myself a cup of coffee and a cookie from an actual bakery...

Anyway, it was a lovely experience in other ways... Aside from the non-alcoholic "wine" these friends also served after the performance... on the hood of their car... in a paid garage... yeah... exhaust and fake wine... lovely... lol! Anyway... it was an interesting night.

That night was when I first started thinking that my ex was bad news. A couple of texts before and after the performance and I got a sick feeling in my gut...

But I still love the American Academy of Music. I feel like it's a bit like Tiffany's in Breakfast at Tiffany's... "nothing could go wrong in a place like this..."

So, these other random pictures are from my longer hair days... which I miss. Terribly. I think I am going to grow my hair out... and let it go back to it's natural color.

I miss one of my best friends who just left... ugh. I won't see her for months... but when I do see her it will involve foreign travel. So... that's nice.

See, she's the sort of person who metaphorically raises her hand in protest when bad news boys threaten your sanity... She's clear-headed like that... And she's the sort of person who would never be caught dead eating homemade sandwichs on some some filthy steps in downtown Philly... nor would she serve fake wine in a parking garage... on the hood of her car... She's the sort that has style and yet no pretense.

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