Monday, May 18, 2009

Winter Gardening

Last weekend my mother and I helped one of our dear friends with her backyard. It was filled with dandelions. It was my job to dig them all out.... I had no idea they were such stubborn little menaces...
It was freezing that day. Well, not technically freezing, but almost.

Our dear friend was so kind as to bring out one of her own plaid jackets. I was instantly taken with it. Her house was built in the 1950's and she is in her late 80's. So, being swept up in my surroundings, I imagined I was a chic 50's housewife working in her backyard. Didn't Lucille Ball wear a plaid jacket in one of the episodes of I Love Lucy?

Anyway, I'm still waiting to here from several schools in the UK... Hopefully one of them will admit me... :)


Eda said...

Lovely flowers!

BirdyNumNum said...

And Sophie makes three ;)

Gosh your style is brilliant - writing style that is, although your personal style is also very becoming. I imagine you suiting the Tocca dresses that were around in the 90s although I think they just do perfumes and interior decor now. You carry off vintage tea dresses well in a way that very few can without it looking too contrived. Maybe this has something to do with your old soul. I have enjoyed my hour or so trawling and finding gems in amongst your archives. Thanks. I hope you secure your place in your English college, get to travel far and wide and realize your ambitions soon enough, God willing.If like for me, these things are taking their time, then I hope you get to truly enjoy the journey along the way.All the best. x

Muirin said...

Thank you. :) And actually, I adore Tocca.