Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rain in the City

Today is rainy. I really do love the rain.

The other night I had the oddest dream. A deceased family member was living on a boat and I was determined to find the boat and talk to them. When I finally did it was awe-inspiring. Yet I can't remember what we even talked about now that I'm awake.

All I can remember is how much the person loved me and how human they really did seem. And isn't that the oddest thing really? I mean so often I paint a story-book image of someone in my mind only to be greeted by their raw humanity if I ever meet them again. It isn't that they loose their beauty or any of that. It's just that they seem less tragic. Less impossible. And life feels more real and stable, and yet less... dramatic? I don't know... something I can't think of the word for.

Anyway, no matter I guess. I just can't help but wonder... what does one do with dreams like that? Are they good? Bad? Evil? Is the line between the seen and the unseen a lot thinner than it sometimes seems perhaps?

I'm trying to go the the UK for school now. We shall see how that goes. I'm praying for the best.


MM said...

Where does your nname come from ?

Muireann Morris

Muirin said...


Sorry I've taken so long to respond. :) I believe it's an Irish name? Meaning "of the sea." It's actually my pen name. I wish it was my "real" name.