Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, Blondie is no more. After I confronted him last night he basically dropped me like a hot potato... lol! I don't know if I wasn't cool enough for him, I wasn't "christian" enough, pretty enough, I don't know... but I didn't cut the mustard on some level and he lied to me a little I think. He gave me the old standby "I'm taking a break from dating." Bullshit.

He probably just wasn't attracted to me...

lol! Funny thing is he was a skinny runt. And I didn't give a shit.... He was attractive in his own way... I just think he was really full of himself. He constantly bragged about himself and what a grand humanitarian he was...


Humanitarians love others... as much as they love themselves.

For once I want to meet a man who says "I'm not into you. You annoy me." Really.

Like, men are so passive. You know they are thinking something ugly but often they don't have the guts to just say it... because they don't want to "hurt your feelings." I would rather have someone tell me the truth rather than patronize me... Because they think I am so beneath them that I can't handle the world on their high level of manliness.

And yeah. I'm just mad. I hate being made a fool of... and I really feel like I was made a fool of. He seemed so interested at first... and he wasn't I guess. Why oh why didn't he just reject me before I started to like him? Because I really did... and he made me feel like a complete moron because I opened up to him and... he probably didn't even give a shit about me. And why do I like men who don't care about me... What is my fucking problem any damn way?

Then there are the others...

Ah the others. :)

The drama continues.

I'm still searching for something new to do with my style.

I'm still searching for a lot of things. But... I will get there. I will....
Disclaimer: Oh, and I make no apologies for my use of swear words unless you are under-age... in which case, don't swear! lol! Actually, I'm not sure... I might let my children swear. Sometimes it feels good to get anger out... As long as words are used for expression and not threats then... fuck it. :)

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